Alex Sword is a social media consultant located in Kaysville Utah. Starting with retail, Alex quickly found a passion helping others and creating an environment to help others learn and grow into a passion of their own.  After 4 years in retail, Alex relocated to a small oil field town with her husband that pushed her to find out what she ultimately was passionate about. She found herself at a telephone and broadband company, first in the customer service department that quickly grew into a position with the engineering team.  Being pushed to the limit she still found herself focusing on the customer service side of things and finding ways to integrate her knowledge and experience in her new position. After 8 years of customer service experience she has blended two passions of working with others and being able to creatively create content to help businesses succeed.  When Alex isn’t out meeting with clients she loves spending time with her family up in the mountains, catching up with friends, and spending her time with her husband, Herman. Alex loves her role in helping businesses with their social media and stressing the reason why social media is so important in this day and age. Alex loves being able to watch passionate business owners become more successful because of the hard work she has put in.  That is the ultimate dream job!