Kaycee has been amazing to work with! She's very knowledgeable in all social media aspects and always has fresh new ideas to keep up with current trends. She doesn't just take your money and run, she puts in day to day work, researches the company she is working for, and constantly keeps us updated with what she is doing. Using social media as advertising for my company used to be so overwhelming, until I had Kaycee and her team take over. She has changed the brand of my company for the better! I will never not use Kaycee and her team to handle all my social media advertising!! Highly recommend!!

-Krista Reid owner of Meraki Hair Extensions, Inc.



Boom !!! That's what I have to say about kaycee !!! And that's what our business has done since we teamed up ! She has such great ideas and she is constantly thinking about our business and how we can grow it . That's exactly why we went with kaycee , because we don't have the time and expertise to manage our media market share . She has totally broken the sound barrier in her extraordinary work ethic in our behalf ! Did you hear that .....Boom ! There it goes again ... Boom !!! Boom !!! Boom !! Oh yeah that's Kaycee !!! Thanks Kaycee !!!

-Jerold Ivie Utah House Doctors @ Remax


Social media is a big part of my industry. I have always had a hard time figuring out how to brand myself and where to focus. Even my competitors struggle to stay consistent. “The Conkrete Room” solves all of these issues. Not only are they committed to getting you a strong following, but they know how to keep your followers engaged. This is so important for my business as I am looking for clients for life. I get that social media is something that everybody can do on their own....but doing it another story!

-Rodger Jessop, Utah House doctors

Im so happy with Kaycee and what she has brought to our social media page. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and is great as showcasing so many different businesses. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get there business out there!

-Brooke Adams owner of Ohmega Electric

Kaycee is AWESOME and an expert at what she does. Very pleasant to work with and I have enjoyed working with her very much!!! She REALLY cares about you and your business and wants to see you succeed. I would HIGhLY recommend Kaycee for all your social media needs.

-Luke watkins Author

urning my social media over to The Conkrete Room was the best thing i did to start 2018. They’re knowledgeable, proficient, and fun!

-Tamara England owner of Touché and Over the Moon


Kaycee is one of the hardest working people I know. Social Media is gaining more and more momentum and if you are not working as hard as Kaycee to stay at the front of the pack, you will be left behind. One thing that has always impressed me about Kaycee is that she will learn everything she can about the client and their industry to the point that she can speak from a position of knowledge on most topics within that industry. That knowledge helps translate your message as the client to your social media. Kaycee is always on top of new ideas for content and is very responsive/adaptive to her clients needs. Highly recommend her to anyone needing a broader presence in social media.



We have been using Alex from The Conkrete Room for nearly 6 months. It is without a doubt the best social media management service I have been involved with. We have experienced lifts in all categories and more interaction with potential customers as well as engaging our existing clients.

-Michael Poulsen, General Manager Of Tri city performance inc.

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